Sunburst Ski and Snowboard Club 

of the Bay Area Snow Sports Council and Open League Racing

serving the internet age - anywhere there is internet access


Sunburst Ski is unique in most aspects of a club. We are place for singles and families to socialize with other ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Whether you are a hard core skier, snowboarder, racer, or beginner you will meet people and make new friends..

Why have a club?
We do encourage members to meet and exchange contact information at the meetings or become active in the racing program where a number of our members link-up on the mountain.

When ARE Sunburst meetings? 
The year starts with our October meeting. In December there is a quick meeting to pass out lift tickets. Around May there is another quick meeting to turn-in any unused ski lift tickets. July tends to be the social month for a B-B-Que meeting. We meet at a member's house (normally on a Saturday and on the peninsula). The exact time and location are sent out via e-mail. Other meetings and parties are announced via e-mail. Most of the meetings and parties are held on the San Francisco peninsula or on the mountain during ski season. In planning is a picnic on the mountain this season - this will be during the season - check back for more details. 

Do I HAVE to attend the meetings?
NO. The meetings are not mandatory. If a meeting is missed - phones, e-mail and snail mail fill the gap.

What events are available?
As a member of Sunburst, our members are eligible to attend and participate in any of the Bay Area Snow Sports Council Ski Club events. Other ski club events are also available as well as a number of ski trips. Check out the activities posted on the BAC website ( )

What does it cost?
Because we do all of our correspondence and notifications via the internet the cost of operations for the club allow us to charge only $20 per year. Most of those funds are for the refreshments the club does provide at the meetings (Beer, Wine, Sodas, etc.) Fill our the registration form for the entire household, sign the waive form and mail them with a check made out to Sunburst mail them  to:

Who can join?
Anyone - our membership is household based. In other words, anyone living in the household can be part of the $20 paid by the household. We have single people as well as married. Just complete the membership form, sign the waiver for each member of the household and mail them in.

Can I get monthly information by the US Mail?
Making paper newsletters and postage cost money. If you desire that form of communication the newsletter subscription rate is an additional $20 per year. All of the information that would be sent is available on 

How can I find out more?
Contact  Membership - Sue Kane or  President - Gordon Mann or our

Can I race? YES.  Contact Race Director - Kevin Coley for more details. 

To learn more about the racing program and for Sunburst race director contact info go to - You can "test drive" the racing at any race (plan on a GS for you first race - the slaloms can be intimidating). You race against people your own age and skill level based on a handicapping system we use. There are about 8 races a season.


Sunburst Ski Club - Established 1983